Saturday, November 7, 2009

something for Christmas

I was always looking forward Xmas, ever in my life. I was always imagine a very warm, peaceful, happy Christmas. And, as everything in life what we imagine, either it came true, or not. :)
And I was always preparing something handmade, little things for Xmas, to make it nicer, happier. I would never skip this!

This year I could prepare Xmas decorations even in Silver! That was a fantastic feeling! Exactly the dream which I had when I was child.

Those little stars are ready, done. :) look at the pictures of them! I call the first design "elegant", the second one is "bohem" or "snowflake-like" the 3. one just "my little stars".

These are my very first own items. I did them alone from sketch. Gaetu had to help me only in little things, actually just to find the best filling for the items.
During these stars I discovered many things. E. g. how to do the frames of each designs. As you can see on pictures, the frames are build up from differently shaped pieces. The bohem is created by 5 pieces of " V" shaped maltese cross, soldered next to each other. The elegant is from rhombus soldered them together, and the small one has a zig-zag shaped frame.

With regarding the rizzol, this was the first time that I worked with such a long rizzol. with the large stars the rizzol can reach the 20 cm, as well!
Rizzol is the Maltese name of the wire, which is used to fill up the frame.

I already did 60 pcs of the small stars & 5-5 setts of bohem and elegant Xms stars.
We started to sell them in Malta, in the souvenir shops where we normally sell our items.

Fingers crossed, people will like them!

I am doing some more, cause I am afraid, that this little amount will not be enough! :)))

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