Tuesday, November 3, 2009


my name is V. Mici. I start this blog because I would like to share with you my experiences on the learning process of filigree making.
It is a very nice art. I started to learn it 1 year ago. I had no previous knowledge or experience in this field. My teacher is a guy, who is the very best one in Malta, he has been doing this art for many-many years.
So, I have been working with him now. And I reached a certain level. From now onwards could be interesting to make a note on it (for me) and follow it (for you).
From time to time I am gonna write what I am working on what I learn from it. I try to make it more interesting with some pictures or movies.

Let`s start :)

Yesterday I started to work on some new pendants. Pendants are easy to make. the easiest compering with earings or rings.
I have 3 ideas, designs.
1 snale, 1 ladybird and a bird. The bird could be familiar for every Hungarians, it is the well-known sign of an old TV series called"Magyar nepmesek".
Later on I try to show the pictures of these drawings.
I strted on the snale. At first I did free-hand one sample. It became a little bit bigger then the optimal size. Then I did it again, smaller. Second time became perfect, with a very nice design of the spiral.
Today I continue with the filling. And I will reproduce in 6 copies.
Then I do the same thing with the ladybird and the Hungarian bird.

Then we test them on market. :))
Looking forward!

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